Poking the Yogi Bear: What is Vulnerability?

An illustration of a cartoon bear doing yoga with a tiny devil ready to poke it with a spear.

Yoga is often the first thing recommended as a form of exercise that can help someone manage anxiety and depression. Yoga brings an awareness to the body and requires focus that feels calming. Some types of yoga do not bring the heart rate up to a degree that can feel too intense for people working…

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Member of the Month: Shweta Salil!

An image of a woman of Indian background with shoulder length black hair and hot pink hand wraps.

Meet our bright-spirited Member of the Month for November, Shweta Salil! Shweta brings consistency and an inspiring attitude to every class. Her impressive improvement in her technical abilities is the result of her consistency and dedicated effort. An excellent attitude—focused, energizing, and kind—makes Shweta a true joy to have at Sister Fit. Learn more about…

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