Member of the Month: Shweta Salil!

Meet our bright-spirited Member of the Month for November, Shweta Salil!

Shweta brings consistency and an inspiring attitude to every class. Her impressive improvement in her technical abilities is the result of her consistency and dedicated effort. An excellent attitude—focused, energizing, and kind—makes Shweta a true joy to have at Sister Fit. Learn more about Shweta below!

What made you join Sister Fit?

I’d always wanted to try boxing but found a lot of the gym environments pretty intimidating. Especially being someone who was never good at athletics and didn’t have a healthy relationship with fitness, I always felt really self conscious when I was working out and was trying to find a space where exercise could be fun for me.

How old are you and how do you like to identify?

I am a 26 year old woman of Indian background.

What would you say to help encourage another person to join our gym?

The community at the gym is really special—it’s what keeps me coming back. It’s such a supportive and inclusive environment and a really great space to learn and grow without feeling judged.

What are some differences that you’ve noticed in your mental and physical health?

I feel much more comfortable with my body; it’s been very special realizing that I’m capable of more physically than I realized. I’ve also always really struggled with anxiety and being at the gym has helped me a lot with mindfulness and being more present. I always go home feeling a lot calmer and grounded afterwards.

What’s your favourite food?

Hakka Chinese :).

What’s your favourite exercise?


What do you do for work?

I graduated from Civil Engineering and work as a Project Manager in the construction division of a local municipality.

What are you passionate about?

Learning. I never want to feel stagnant but am sometimes overwhelmed with how much I still don’t know about people and the world. But I always try to commit myself to listening, learning, and growing as a person.