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Community + Experience + Results!

What is Sister Fit About?

We are a small boutique gym that offers high level coaching in boxing, Muay Thai, self-defense and our fit body bootcamp program in a women-only environment. We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive, safe and professional atmosphere for LGBT people, diverse women and Muslim women. Our coaches are highly qualified professionals who are culturally sensitive and who enjoy working in various segments of diverse populations.


Sister Fit can help you develop confidence in your identity, in your body and in your abilities.


 Our programs can help you get focused on your priorities through a health and fitness lens, and help you create  a growth mindset that sets you up for success in our gym, and in life.


Our class sizes are kept small so that you can build meaningful bonds with other value-aligned women while receiving personal attention from our elite-level coaches. 


We blend the best of both worlds - the attention and care of an elite-level coach, combined with the energy and excitement of a group class. 


An elite-level coach can cost hundreds of dollars per hour. At Sister Fit, you will be sharing  your elite-level coach with 4-8 other women at a time, so that you can get an amazing training experience, done safely and effectively at just a fraction of the cost. 


Sister Fit could be exactly what you need: A community of awesome, a great experience each time and RESULTS in your mindset and body. 

We take the time to develop your fitness and technique so you can progress through our program and be very happy with your new body. Each class is deliberate in teaching real combat skills and self-defense. We’re not solely focused on burning calories!


Every class level has a specific curriculum that makes our program an exciting experience. Your success is ours too, and we are committed to delivering service that goes beyond your expectations.


We also offer half-day and full-day workshops in self-defense. Please contact us to learn more about these opportunities.