Cooking, Culture, and Chaos: Episode 2 — Bolani with Moska Rokay

  Interview by: Fatima Lee Garsi Videography & Recipe Cards by: Vicky Tan In this episode, we feature gym member and archivist, Moska Rokay! I chose Moska as a guest for our second episode because she’s very easy to talk to, does really interesting professional work, and has contributed significantly to the Muslim and Afghan…

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Cooking, Culture, and Chaos!

I’m very excited to introduce you to our special cooking project featuring the diverse members of Sister Fit. The purpose of this six-episode cooking series is to highlight and celebrate the heritage and professional work of our guests. All of the episodes were filmed by Vicky Tan, a member of our Muay Thai program. Vicky…

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Poking the Yogi Bear: What is Vulnerability?

An illustration of a cartoon bear doing yoga with a tiny devil ready to poke it with a spear.

Yoga is often the first thing recommended as a form of exercise that can help someone manage anxiety and depression. Yoga brings an awareness to the body and requires focus that feels calming. Some types of yoga do not bring the heart rate up to a degree that can feel too intense for people working…

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