Poking the Yogi Bear: What is Vulnerability?

An illustration of a cartoon bear doing yoga with a tiny devil ready to poke it with a spear.

Yoga is often the first thing recommended as a form of exercise that can help someone manage anxiety and depression. Yoga brings an awareness to the body and requires focus that feels calming. Some types of yoga do not bring the heart rate up to a degree that can feel too intense for people working…

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First Step: Self-education to Combat Anti-Black Racism

Do the Deep Work: When we’re not on social media, what are we doing? Awareness is important and essential – but what happens when we step away from our screens? What will happen a week from now? A month? A year? Anti-racism work is an ongoing, introspective, deeply connected process that involves a commitment to…

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3 Tips to Increase Iman and Embrace Solitude in Ramadan 2020

By Amber Von Grat Bismillah, Ar-Rahman, Ar-Raheem, This year we are facing our own unique challenges when it comes to protecting our communities and trying to ensure the well-being of everyone around us. Whether this year is your first Ramadan, or you’ve experienced it before, I want to give you three ways to help you…

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