Member of the Month – Diya Pathak!

Meet our hard-working and ambitious Member of the Month for January, Diya Pathak! As a consistent member of Sister Fit for over a year, Diya pushes herself to be better in all aspects of her life. With integrity and a driven mindset, Diya tries hard to figure out what health means for her. She strives…

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Member of the Month: Shweta Salil!

An image of a woman of Indian background with shoulder length black hair and hot pink hand wraps.

Meet our bright-spirited Member of the Month for November, Shweta Salil! Shweta brings consistency and an inspiring attitude to every class. Her impressive improvement in her technical abilities is the result of her consistency and dedicated effort. An excellent attitude—focused, energizing, and kind—makes Shweta a true joy to have at Sister Fit. Learn more about…

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Member of the Month: Vicky Tan!

Meet our wonderfully talented Member of the Month for June, Vicky Tan! Vicky shows incredible consistency, determined effort, and brings her bright, focused energy to each and every class she attends. Talented and relentless, Vicky’s presence is a testament to fortitude. Get to know more about Vicky below! What made you join Sister Fit?  I…

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