Are you ready for Ramadan? You don’t have to be, but here are some tips to help keep fitness in your life during this challenging month.


  • Work out close to iftar time (30 - 40 mins prior)

  • If you’re already active, don’t shoot for the stars. Focus on keeping your body trained

  • If you’re inactive, it’s a good time to set small, daily goals (ex. five push-ups a day)

  • Some activity is better than none

  • Be gentle on yourself

  • If you don’t exercise, it’s okay!



  • Drink a lot of water with your meal - aim to drink 1 more glass than you usually would with a meal

  • Eat foods that take longer to digest (ex. nuts, avocados, meats, cheese, chickpeas)

  • When you break your fast, try to your best to eat slowly

  • Try having two mini iftars instead of one massive meal

  • Limit your sambusas, rooh afza, falooda, spring rolls, jelabis, chips, ice-cream sundaes, pakoras, taquitos, gulab jamuns, and other festive delights for special occasions (ex. THE END OF RAMADAN - EID!)


Ramadan is a time of sensitivity. If you feel bloated, you’re not able to drink Pepto-Bismol or pop a TUMS. Eat until you’re satisfied, but remember tomorrow is on its way.