Butts, Guts, Tris, and Thighs: About Our Strength and Fitness Program

Words by Fatima Lee Garsi
Last week I had a woman on Instagram reach out to me inquiring about our programs. She said she was brand new to training so I recommended she join our Strength and Fitness program.
She insisted that since her goal was fat-loss, she was not interested in strength and fitness. I wrote back assuring her that this would be a great program for her goals, but she had already made up her mind.
I recommend our Strength and Fitness program to people of all skill levels, but beginners benefit in particular because it is a holistic program that is a full body and brain experience.
Our Strength and Fitness program isn’t designed exclusively for fat-loss; it is also designed for building strength, bettering posture, mobility, flexibility, breathing, endurance, mental toughness, and physical education.
I must also say that this is not a program that is specifically for muscle building – if you’re interested in that, then check out our newest class, Fleek Physique.
We keep our class size very small so that you get personalized attention from one of our elite-level coaches. AND we cater specifically to women who are Muslim, LGBTQ, and diverse, so the vibes are high and good.
Our space is also inviting and importantly, clean — VERY clean. (An unequivocally important but often overlooked quality in a training space).
But back to fat loss. Here’s the thing: if you eat in a weekly caloric deficit, then fat-loss will occur.
Maybe I just should have written that as a response instead.
Maybe this woman was right…maybe our program really isn’t what she’s looking for.
Some people don’t want to connect that deeply to their health or body…they want to shed the pounds as quickly as possible. Programs that scream “FAT-LOSS!” OR “GET ME SKINNY NOW!” speak to them. The holistic method isn’t for everyone and that’s okay.

Mind, Body, Soul: We’re the Complete Package

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a fat-loss program. I design them for my personal clientele.
I think I was annoyed about this interaction because the message came to our Sister Fit Instagram account, which is obviously much more than a platform for quick fat-loss.
Or maybe our ethos — which is holistic and promotes long-lasting health and fitness strategies over short-term fads — is only truly obvious to the members who have found a home here.
There is no shortage of information on the internet on fat-loss, nor is there a shortage of strength and fitness programs, but being culturally connected in a professional fitness environment is not easy to find.
So apart from offering excellent professional physical education in strength and fitness, we offer you a home away from home – a bastion of support and knowledge that will help you power up, tune in (and sure, if you want, slim down) — so you can return to your busy life a stronger, happier self.
Learn more about our strength training programs here. Have a question? Contact me, anytime.
In your corner,