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Sister Fit teaches women real boxing, Muay Thai,
weapons training (arnis), and fitness.

Sister Fit caters specifically to women who want to train in the focused environment of a private gym exclusive to women. We specialize in the development of solid technical skills taught in a relaxed setting that maintains high standards.


We offer specialized small group training for women who are completely new to exercise as well as for women who want to advance their skills to competition level.


For women who have never thrown a single punch in their entire life, our boxing and Muay Thai 101 class will help develop a strong foundation of essential skills that will prepare you for our 102 class, which will continue to build and perfect what you’ve learned. Our advanced level classes are for students who have nailed the basics and are interested in being more creative with their “flow.” Advanced level classes require more focus, attention to detail, and a high fitness level.


We take the time to develop your fitness and technique so you can progress through our program and be very happy with your new body. Each class is deliberate in teaching real combat skills and self-defense. We’re not solely focussed on burning calories!


Every class level has a specific curriculum that makes our program an exciting experience. Your success is ours too, and we are committed to delivering service that goes beyond your expectations.


With our new Sister Fit app you can quickly check our schedule, write reviews, get updates about workshops and events, and even submit your transformation log to get accountability in real time. We are so confident in our approach, that we offer 100% guaranteed results or a full refund after 90 days.


Sister Fit is also dedicated to teaching programs in other parts of the GTA and surrounding cities such as Rexdale, Mississauga, Oakville, and Brampton to provide safe, women-only training for the Muslim community.


We also offer half-day and full-day workshops in self-defense. Please contact us to learn more about these opportunities.


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Coach EL

Lailaa Jose - Boxing, Fitness, Arnis

I’m a sister, wife, and mother of four. I have a passion for teaching and find great reward in being involved in other people’s personal growth and development. It’s amazing to see others progress and achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves while knowing I played a part in their betterment.


Whilst homeschooling my children, I’m working towards becoming a certified personal trainer. I’ve always had an interest in fitness and martial arts, but growing up, it was never something girls were “supposed’ to do. Training with Sister Fit rekindled this interest for me.


With my love for martial arts and three years of boxing and arnis (stick fighting) experience, I’m excited to share what I’ve learned so far. I’m still learning and I’m thirsty to learn more. I feel as though each sister I meet and train with brings something new to the table and that gives me the opportunity to become a better coach for myself and for others.


As a mother who wears many hats, I set an example for my children that learning never stops. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or where you are in life - it’s never too late to take on something new.

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Coach Mombasa

Aaida Mamuji - Boxing and Fitness

I’m a competitive amateur boxer, boxing instructor, and a Professor in Disaster and Emergency Management at York University.


I started boxing at the end of 2010 at Final Round Boxing in Ottawa, and from the moment I first hit the bag, I felt something stir inside me. Witnessing the dedication of all those around me, I instantly discovered that we all have some type of power deep within, and most of us don’t know that it exists.


Boxing has made me feel like a stronger person emotionally and spiritually. I believe that external strength and internal strength go hand in hand, and one augments the other.


I love coaching and sharing my love of boxing with other women. The benefits of sport for self-confidence, self-esteem, discipline, teamwork, and physical fitness are innumerable. And, when we do things for ourselves, we have so much more to give to those around us.

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Shoilee Khan

Creative Editor

I’m a writer, educator, editor, and PhD student in English Literature at York University. I teach English at the School of Communication and Literary Studies at Sheridan College and love helping people explore their creative potential.


While I spend most of my time reading, writing, researching, or teaching, I value the focus, discipline, and emotional benefits of athleticism. I admire women who pursue the rigour of sport with determined focus and have always wanted to embody that drive in my own life.


For me, I find that drive and outlet in the simple act of running. This accessible and beginner-ready sport has provided me with a consistent physical challenge, and is an incredible source of mental and emotional peace. In the most wonderful of ways, it has also fueled my creativity - there’s nothing like a run to help you problem-solve when you’re facing a blank page!


I admire the work of all the women involved in Sister Fit and look forward to continuing my support of its programming through writing and creative development.

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Coach ESS

Umm Abdullah - Boxing, Fitness, Arnis

I am a wife, homeschooling mother of five, and a certified personal trainer. As a mother, I’ve found it challenging to incorporate a fitness regimen into my schedule, while homeschooling my children and pursuing my own studies on the side. I easily put myself on the back-burner and began to feel the effects of that on my health and well-being.


When I began looking into various approaches to fitness, I found myself confronted with less than ideal situations that often misaligned with my values as a Muslim woman. Sister Fit classes provided an environment that was both comfortable and challenging. I signed my girls and myself up and the rest, as they say, is history. At Sister Fit, I was able to rekindle my love for boxing and learn arnis, a form of weapons-based martial arts native to the Philippines.


In my journey towards a healthy lifestyle, I found myself inspired by Prophetic medicine. I’ve incorporated many herbs, cupping therapy, and essential oils into my family’s life. I also enjoy making my own skin care products, and exploring the world of natural therapies.


As a Sister Fit Coach, I look forward to continuing my growth as a personal trainer and hope to help other sisters achieve their personal fitness goals.

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