A Bold Move: First Gym for Muslim Women in North America!

 Sister Fit = Community + Experience +  Results!


Sister Fit is a community based gym dedicated to combat arts, professional training, and achieving results. We teach women real boxing, Muay Thai, weapons self-defense (arnis), and fitness. 




Sister Fit was born in December of 2014 in a West Toronto mosque. Through word of mouth, Coach FLG’s boxing bootcamps and arnis sessions became a real hit and highlight for the community. Twice a week, women and girls learned how to keep fit through a dedicated boxing and self-defense practice that supported their growth as individuals and as a community. It wasn’t long before Sister Fit was asked to do over a dozen self-defense seminars for Muslim women in the GTA and surrounding area. 


As a result of high demand, classes expanded to Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, and Brampton. To meet this demand, Sister Fit established consistent programming and on-boarded three new coaches to the team. All three coaches trained as students under Coach FLG before achieving their roles as certified coaches. 


Sister Fit dedicated itself to community initiatives and has worked with fantastic Muslim organizations such as ISNA, Islamic Relief, Halal Food Fest, Muslim Fest, Jame Masjid, and Gibraltar Leads Academy. Through dynamic demonstrations at galas for Muslim women and community festivals, Sister Fit students consistently left the audience in awe of their talent and tenacity. 

After four and a half years of community service, Sister Fit made the important commitment to open North America’s first gym for Muslim women! From our homebase in Scarborough, we continue to serve the community through excellent fitness and combat arts programs that inspire our members to thrive and excel.


Location: Sister Fit is located at 1523 Birchmount road in Scarborough, Ontario, very close to Ellesmere and Lawrence Ave. There is a bus stop just steps away from the gym!

Vision: To create a community based gym dedicated to combat arts and fitness for high-achieving Muslim women.



Upon entering the gym, a compelling bee and butterfly graffiti mural greets members in a vibrant splash of energetic colours and movement. The butterflies represent transformation while the bees represent consistent hard, purposeful work – this is just one of our many interpretations :). The Sister Fit gym feels like a home away from home. This ultra private boutique style space caters to your wellbeing and when you enter, you’ll always be met with a display of fresh flowers. A clear sign of a women’s only gym!

The main training floor is dedicated to small group training (six to eight women), so members can reap the benefits of personalized attention. Featuring the best of everything for every dedicated fitness maven – heavy bags, a speed bag, double-end bags, medicine balls, sandbags, kettlebells, and more – this training space is made for intense action. The soft floor mats are perfect for training barefoot, and you’ll need to, when you are kicking the heavy bag in the Muay Thai kickboxing class! A full wall-sized blackboard features daily workout schedules for each class, nutrition tips, and motivation to inject members with both knowledge and energy.


Sister Fit is also proud to feature open-gym times seven-days a week with guided workouts for members who want to take advantage of the gym space and some added personal attention. 


A fully equipped weight training room allows for private one-on-one sessions and also serves as a space for members who want to lift and workout on their own. Our equipment is top notch – there is a squat rack, kettlebells, a full dumbbell rack, TRX, and a HIIT cardio trainer to help you work up a sweat. 


The members lounge is a perfect little hangout to grab some green tea or coffee before class! There is FibeTV, Netflix, and more for visitors or children waiting for their moms. Everything in the lounge, including snacks, is absolutely free for our members. The lounge is also used as an area to pray. 

After a hard workout you can take a shower and freshen up in our beautiful ladies room stocked with all your feminine needs – forgot a towel? Need a pad? A spritz of perfume? No worries, we’ve got you covered. 

We have an awesome schedule of classes to meet every fitness need. Check out our website at sisterfitto.com for class descriptions and special offers. 


Join our tribe! Come as you are. We can’t wait to meet you. 




Muay Thai


Fit Body Bootcamp

Strength ‘n Flow 



Fatima Lee Garsi, Director 

Aaida Mamuji, Boxing Coach


Shoilee Khan, Communications, Editor


Lailaa Jose, Personal Trainer, MMA Conditioning Specialist


Umm Abdullah, Personal Trainer, Pre/Post Natal Training Specialist


Bella Osroff, Muay Thai Specialist


Tysir Saleh, Pilates Specialist


Nabat Sherif, Strength and Mobility Specialist